CSRU Staff

Research carried out by the Care Sciences Research Unit encourages different types of development in care sciences. Members of staff work together in groups and this section of the website provides information on CSRU members which is split by the following research groups:

Staff – Developments in Acute Care Nursing

Dr Allyson Lipp
Principal Lecturer

Prof Sue Bale
Visiting Professor

Dr Ray Higginson
Senior Lecturer

Prof Kevin Davies
Emeritus Professor

Dr Anne Marie Coll
Senior Lecturer

Gareth Parsons
Senior Lecturer

Dr Jane Willock
Visiting Fellow

Staff – Enduring Health Needs

Prof Joyce Kenkre
Professor of Primary Care

Dr Linda Ross
Senior Lecturer

Dr Roiyah Saltus
Research Fellow in ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Health

Dr Christine Shaw
Visiting Fellow

Dr Ruth Davis
Visiting Fellow

Prof Wayne Richards
Visiting Professor Community General Dental Practice

Staff – Mental Health

Dr Anne Fothergill
Principal Lecturer

Staff – Health Professional Education

Professor Keith Weeks
Professor of Health Professional Education

Norman Woolley
Head of Learning and Teaching

Dr Gina Dolan
Research Training Coordinator

Professor Donna Mead

Professor Laurie Moseley
Emeritus Professor of Health Services Research