Enduring Health Needs (Publications)

The following publications have been carried out by the ‘Enduring Health Needs’ research group.

2007 Publications

  • Williams C, Merrell J, Rance J, Olumide G, Saltus R, Hawthorne K (2007) A Critical Reflection on the research priorities for improving the health and social care to Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Groups in Wales. Journal of Diversity in Health and Social Care (accepted for publication: 19 June 2007)

  • Macdonald G (2007) Referencing Canada; a commentary on Canadian academic publications in the UK in Health Promotion in Canada Edited by O’Neil M, Pederson A, Rootman I and Dupere S (to be published in English French and Spanish).

  • 2006 Publications

  • Saltus R (2006) The Benefits and Challenges of Voluntary-Academic Sector Research Partnerships: A critical reflection rooted in the Meleis criteria for cultural competent research. Journal of Research in Nursing, 11 (6), 531 – 540. 1744-9871

  • Saltus R (2006) Improving the quality of access to mental health information and care: the views of health practitioners and social work professionals in Wales. Journal of Diversity in Health and Social Care, 3 (3), 183 – 189. 1743-1913

  • Shaw C. Das Gupta R. Williams KS. Assassa RP. McGrother C. A survey of help-seeking and treatment provision in women with stress urinary incontinence. BJU International. 97(4):752-7, 2006 Apr.

  • Davis RE, Lowes L, Cradock S, Dromgoole P, McDowell J. (2006) Insulin initiation among adults and children with diabetes in the United Kingdom Practical Diabetes International 23 (4) pp.171-174.

  • Aringazina A and Macdonald G (2006) New Horizons for Public Health in Kazakhstan. Promotion and Education Vol XIII; 3; pp. 203-208.

  • Boot A and Macdonald G (2006). Parents and Sure Start Evaluation; suggestions for partnership. Child Care in Practice Vol12; 3; pp 269-281.

  • Ross LA (2006) Spiritual care in nursing: an overview of the research to date. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 15 (7), 852-862

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    2005 Publications

  • Saltus R et al. (2005) Scoping Study to explore the feasibility of establishing a Health and Social Care Research and Development Network covering Black and Minority Ethnic Groups in Wales. Pontypridd: University of Glamorgan. 1-84054-126-2.

  • Saltus R (2005) Improving the access to information and mental health and social care needs of Black and Minority Ethnic People in Cardiff – Project Report. Pontypridd: University of Glamorgan. 1-84054-119-0

  • Saltus R (2005) Integrating Transcultural Health care into Professional Practice. Multicultural Nursing (1) p. 8 – 9. ISSN 1748-9660

  • Williams K., Assassa R., Cooper N., Turner D., Shaw C., et al. (2005) Clinical and cost-effectiveness of a new nurse-led continence service. A Randomised Controlled Trial. British Journal of General Practice. Sep;55(518):696-703.

  • Currie C J, Davis R, Morrissey M, Peters J R, Wittrup-Jensen K U, Kennedy-Martin T: Impact of hypoglycaemia on quality of life and productivity in type 1 and type 2 diabetes: Current Medical Research and Opinion: 2005: Vol: 21: Issue: 9: pp.1477-1483.

  • Williams W R, Latif A H A, Hannington L, Watkins D R (2005) Hyperopia and educational attainment in a primary school cohort. Archive of Disease in Childhood Vol 90. pp. 150-153. ISBN 1359 2998

  • Austin J, Williams WR, Ross L, Moseley L, Hutchinson S. (2005) Randomised controlled trial of cardiac rehabilitation in elderly patients with heart failure. European Journal of Heart Failure, 7, 411-417.

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    2004 Publications

  • McSherry W, Cash K, Ross L. (2004) Meaning of spirituality: implications for nursing practice. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 13, 9, 934-941

  • C. Shaw, R.J. Matthews, S.I. Perry, K. Williams, N. Spiers, R.P. Assassa, C. McGrother, H. Dallosso, C. Jagger, C. Mayne, M. Clarke (2004) Validity and reliability of a questionnaire to measure the impact of lower urinary tract symptoms on quality of life: The Leicester Impact scale. Neurourology and Urodynamics. 23(3), 229-236.

  • Turner DA, Shaw C, McGrother CW, Dallosso HM, Cooper NJ, and the MRC Incontinence Study Team. (2004). The cost of urinary storage disorders to the UK. British Journal of Urology International, 93, 1246-1252

  • Townsend D, Davis R (2004) The evidence for lipid lowering: Type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease risk. Professional Nurse Vol 19. (10) pp. 38-40.

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    2003 Publications

  • Deaville J, Kenkre J, Ameen J, Davies P, Hughes H, Bennett G, Mansell I, Jones L (2003) The impact of the foot and moth outbreak on mental health and well-being in Wales. Report to Welsh Assembly Government.

  • Macdonald G and Nehammer S (2003). An evaluation of users’ views of a piloted free condom distribution scheme. Primary Care Research and Development Vol 2; pp 241-247.

  • Williams W R, Latif A H A, Cater L (2003) Accidents in the school environment: perspectives of staff concerned with data collection and reporting procedures. Journal of the Royal Institute of Public Health Vol 117. pp. 180-186. ISSN 0033 3506

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    2002 Publications

  • Kenkre J E, Allan T F, Tobias R S, Parry D J, Bryan S, Carter Y H (2002) Breaking Bones, Breaking budgets: A clinical and economic evaluation of a prospective randomised practice controlled intervention study in the prevention of accidents in primary care. Family Practice Vol 19. (6) pp. 675-681.

  • Hobbs FDR, Kenkre JE, Roalfe AK, Davis RC, Hare R, Davies MK (2002) Impact of heart failure and left ventricular systolic dysfunction on quality of life. European Heart Journal 23: 1867-1876.

  • Williams W R, Latif A H A, Sibert J: Secondary school accident reporting in one education authority: Child: Care Health and Development: 2002: Vol: 28: Issue: 1: pp. 101-108. ISSN 0305 1862

  • Latif A H A, Williams W R, Sibert J (2002) Primary school accident reporting in One Education Authority. Archive of Disease in Childhood Vol 86. pp. 91-94. ISSN 1359 2998

  • McSherry W and Ross L (2002) Dilemmas of spiritual assessment: considerations for practice. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 38, 5, 479-488

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    2001 Publications

  • Davies MK, Hobbs FDR, Davis RC, Kenkre JE et al (2001) Prevalence of left –ventricular systolic dysfunction and heart failure in the Echocardiographic Heart of England Screening study: A population based study. The Lancet Vol 358, Iss 9280, pp. 439 – 444.

  • Davies M, Dixon S, Currie C J, Davis RE, Peters J R (2001) Evaluation of a hospital diabetes specialist nursing service: a randomised controlled trial:. Diabetic Medicine Vol 18. pp. 301-307.

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