Violence in healthcare and Mental Health (Publications)

The following publications have been carried out by the 'Violence in healthcare’ and ‘Mental Health’ research groups.

    2008 Publications

  • Soothill, K., Rogers P. & Dolan, M. (Editors); (2008). Handbook of Forensic Mental Health. Willan Publishing, Devon.

  • Gournay, K., Benson, R. & Rogers, P (2008). Inpatient forensic mental health. In K. Soothill, M. Dolan & P Rogers (Eds). Handbook of Forensic Mental Health. Willan publishing Ltd, Devon.

  • 2007 Publications

  • Miller G, Paterson B, Benson R, Rogers P (2007) Violence reduction in mental health and criminal justice: recent and current developments. Journal of Mental Health Workforce Development Vol 2 Issue 1 June 2007 pp 28 – 37

  • Gournay K., Benson R, Rogers P Inpatient care and management Chapter 22 in Handbook of Forensic Mental Health (Eds Soothill K, Dolan M and Rogers P) Willan Press

  • Merchant C, O Hare B, Benson R, Rogers P Symington J (2007) Testing the water. Mental Health Practice April 2007 vol 10 no 7 pp 12 – 15

  • 2006 Publications

  • Edwards D, Burnard P, Hannigan B, Cooper L, Adams J, Juggessur T, Fothergil A, Coyle D (2006) Clinical supervision and burnout: the influence of clinical supervision for community mental health nurses. Journal of Clinical Nursing 15, 1007–1015

  • Connolly, A., Rogers, P. & Taylor, D.M. (2006). Antipsychotic prescribing quality and ethnicity – a study of hospitalized patients in south east London. Journal of Psychopharmacology. May 19, 2006 as doi: doi:10.1177/0269881106065899

  • Rogers, P., Ghroum, P., Benson, R., Forward, L. & Gournay, K. (2006). Is breakaway training effective? An audit of one Medium Secure Unit. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology 17(4), 611-625.

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    2005 Publications

  • Hannigan B, Burnard P, Edwards D, Coyle D, Fothergill A (2005) A systematic review of stress among mental health social workers: International Social Work 48: Issue: 2: pp. 201-211.

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    2004 Publications

  • Edwards D, Burnard P, Fothergill A (2004) Stress, burnout, coping and stress management in psychiatrists’ findings from a systematic review. International Journal of Social Psychiatry Vol 50. (1) pp. 54-65.

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    2003 Publications

  • Gray N, Carmen N, Rogers P, McCulloch M, Hayward P, Snowden R: Post-traumatic stress disorder caused in mentally disordered offenders by the committing of a serious violent or sexual offence: The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology: 2003: Vol: 14: Issue: 1: pp. 27-43. ISSN 1478 9949

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    2002 Publications

  • Rogers P, Watt A, Gray N, McCulloch M, Gournay K (2002) Content of command hallucinations predicts self-harm but not violence in a medium secure unit. The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry Vol 13. (2) pp. 251-262. ISSN 1478 9949

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    2001 Publications

  • Fothergill A, Coyle D, Edwards D, Burnard P, Thomas J (2001) A stepwise multivariate analysis of factors that contribute to stress for mental health nurses working in the community. Journal of Advanced Nursing Vol 36. (6) pp. 805 – 813.

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