Family Care (Publications)

The following publications have been carried out by the ‘Family Care’ research group.

    2006 Publications

  • Glasper, A, McEwing, G & Richardson, J. (2006) Oxford Handbook of Children’s and Young People’s Nursing. Oxford: Oxford University Press

  • 2005 Publications

  • Richardson, J. & Glasper, A. (2005) A Textbook of Children’s and Young People’s Nursing. Edinburgh: Elsevier Science.

  • Willock J, Harris C, Harrison J, Poole C (2005) ‘Identifying the characteristics of children with pressure ulcers: results of a multi-centre survey’, Nursing Times, 101(11): 40–3.

  • Cunningham AM, Edwards A, Jones KV, Bordeaux K, Willock J, Barnes R (2005) ‘Evaluation of a service development to increase detection of urinary tract infections in children, Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 11(1), 73–76.

  • Willock J, Askew C, Bolland R, Maciver H, James N (2005) ‘Multicentre Research: lessons from the field’, Paediatric Nursing, 17(10), 31–33.

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    2004 Publications

  • Richardson, J. et al (2004) Nurturing the Future: a strategy for children’s nursing in Wales. Cardiff: National Assembly for Wales

  • Willock J, Maylor M. (2004) Pressure ulcers in infants and children: a review of the literature, Nursing Standard, 18(24), 56–60.

  • Willock J, Richardson J, Brazier A, Powell C, Mitchell E. (2004) Peripheral venepuncture in infants and children, Nursing Standard, 18 (24), 43–50, 52

  • Willock J.(2004) Better care can help prevent pressure ulcers in children [Letter], Nursing Times, 100(41): 16.

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    2003 Publications

  • McEwing, G., Kelsey, J., Richardson, J. & Glasper, A. (2003) Insights into Child and Family Health. In: Foundation Studies for Nursing: using enquiry based learning. London: Macmillan.

  • Willock J, (2003) Pressure injury in infants and children (conference abstract), Journal of Tissue Viability, 13(3), 138.

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