Projects - Mental Health

Darren Prince’s HPW Research Fellowship consisted of looking at current provision of services for young people with dementia in four local NHS trusts. Interviews were conducted with senior nurse managers within mental health services for older adults. The findings showed that, whilst there were no explicit services for this client group, there were motivated staff that sought to address their needs in practice. It was a regular agenda item on one trusts strategy group meeting, and another trust had forged close links with its local Alzheimer’s Society branches. Most of the trusts had carried out an “assessment of need” of their respective areas that highlighted the need to consider this client group. However, this had not transcended into an actual provision of service. Such findings were in accordance with other such work conducted across the United Kingdom, although some specific services have been developed, and continue to grow in number.

The Wales In-Depth Integrated Substance Misuse Assessment Toolkit (WIISMAT) project involves the development, implementation and evaluation of an assessment tool for substance misuse. This all-Wales assessment tool is now being rolled out across substance misuse services in Wales.

The team has also developed a specific teaching module on Child and Adolescent Mental Health Module. An evaluation of its effect on practice is currently underway, funded through the National Assembly for Wales.

Whitchurch Hospital 1908 Dr Ian Beech’s current study is in its early stages and is entitled Defining Mental Health Care in Wales: Issues of culture and gender in a Cardiff City Mental Hospital circa 1900–1940.

Paul Davies’ PhD project is The Physical health of Individuals Living in the Community with a Severe and Enduring Mental Health Problem: A focus on prevalence, age, gender, social class and unitary authority utilising the 1998 Welsh Health Survey.

This builds on a related WORD-funded project in collaboration with Professor Jonathan Richards.