Projects: Health professional education

Clinical simulation

The use of clinical simulation in health professional education is a major new strand of work for staff in the Glamorgan Simulation Centre.

Weeks is currently collaborating with NHS Education for Scotland on a project developing authentic simulations to evaluate competence in the administration of medicines. Research in this area is exploring practical, ethical and theoretical issues informing the use of immersive learning technologies in health professional education.

An important strand of the Health professional education work focuses on research methods, and the group is currently engaged in a number of projects:

Delphi Study to Investigate the Nursing Research Priorities for elderly people in Portugal and Wales.

This project was a collaboration between the Care Sciences Research Unit and School of Nursing, Oporto, Portugal. The objectives of the project were to establish the collaboration, produce reliable data on research priorities for the elderly and to develop policy and linguistic foundations for Delphi among others. Publications and reports are in preparation.

Lead Researchers
University of South Wales – Professor Donna Mead and Glynis Bennett
School of Nursing, Oporto, Portugal – Drs Arminda Costa, Ceu and Olga Rocha

Council of Deans and Heads of UK Faculties of Nursing and Health: Academic Staffing Survey 2005

In recent years a great deal has been written about the shortages of nurses in the UK NHS. The reasons for the shortages are multifactorial and are attributed to factors such as the cuts in commissioned training numbers in the 90s which occurred at the same time as there were cuts in the nursing establishment due to cost pressures. Additional relevant factors include the high numbers of nursing staff who leave the NHS, an expanding health service and the European Working Time Directive which has resulted in nurses substituting for junior doctors whose hours have been reduced. The Allied Health Professions, too have needed to respond to service pressures.

Outcome of the survey
A report was prepared in January 2006. This paper was the first report arising from the survey of the Council of Deans and Heads of UK Faculties of Nursing and Health (Council of Deans) into academic staffing levels.

CRICS Researchers (Data analysis and report): Prof Donna Mead, Professor Laurie Moseley and Dr Susanah Kimani

Review and Update of 'Realising the Potential: A strategic framework for nursing, midwifery and health visiting (1999)’

This project has involved a key stakeholder questionnaire. Data from the stakeholders who responded to the above survey are being analysed. A report on the outcome of the survey will be available shortly.

CRICS Researchers (Data analysis and report): Prof Donna Mead, Dr Susanah Kimani and Dr Paul Jarvis.